How to Think Like a Homebuyer

It’s easier to market a product when you understand the consumer’s wants and needs. Once listed, your house becomes a product. Think like a homebuyer and increase your chances of a quick and successful sale. Ask yourself these five questions to help see your property from a buyer’s perspective.

Who are the potential buyers?

Many home sellers don’t take the time to figure out the kind of buyer that is most likely to purchase their home. And this can be a big mistake. You won’t know what to highlight or how to market your home unless you what kind of buyer will be interested. Who lives in your neighborhood? How has your community changed since you moved there? Is your home good for a growing family, or will it appeal to empty nesters? What kinds of amenities are nearby? By knowing who your potential buyers will be, you can make choices now that will appeal to them.

I pull this data for my seller clients using Coldwell Banker’s Buyer Locator technology. It helps inform my marketing plan for their property and their decisions on how to best prepare the home for the market.

Does my home have curb appeal?

Imagine pulling up to your house for the first time. Even better – imagine what it would be like to see your home for the first time in a photograph posted online. What stands out? What could use some love? Curb appeal is very important when selling your home. Buyers form a first impression within seconds of seeing the home. You want the exterior of your home to be inviting enough that they’ll want to see the inside.

What’s my home’s best feature?

Is there something that makes your home stand out? Then that’s what potential buyers will most likely be attracted to. Do you have a great view? Does your home lend itself well to entertaining? Is it within walking distance of excellent amenities? Is there a big backyard that is great for kids and pets? Be sure to focus some time and energy on sprucing up and highlighting your home’s best feature, because potential buyers will certainly be looking at it.

What is my home’s biggest drawback?

On the flip side, be honest with yourself about where your home needs the most work. Is the design outdated? Are there repairs that need attention, like squeaky floors or leaky faucets? Are any of your major appliances in need of replacement? Potential buyers will see these things and might make a lowball offer. Make necessary small repairs, and consider upgrades that make financial sense. Cosmetic changes like new paint, lighting fixtures, and window treatments can go a long way to making your home feel updated and attractive.

Will a buyer be able to imagine living in my home?

Finally, be sure to de-clutter and de-personalize your home before any buyer visits. It’s important to neutralize your home’s décor so that any potential buyer can imagine living there. This means removing family photos and personal possessions. Arrange furniture to suggest how each room can be used. Appeal to your buyer’s emotions, and allow them to easily see how their belongings can be used in the house.

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