5 Easy Ways to Reinvent Rooms with Staging

You’re ready to sell, but your home could use some sprucing up to attract serious buyers. The good news is you don’t have to invest lots of time or money. Major remodels don’t always bring a good return on investment when you’re selling. Here are five simple staging suggestions that will help you score a faster and more profitable sale.

Make sure every room has a purpose

Does your home have an extra room you’ve been using as a storage space? Turn that extra room into a bedroom or an office. Having another bedroom can be a selling point for prospective buyers with growing families. With more people working from home, an office is also a draw. Remove clutter and complete the room with appropriate furniture. You don’t have to buy. Rental furniture is available here in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Turn an open area into living space

Many homes have open space on the second floor that can be transformed into viable living space. This could include a game room, an office space, a home gym or a study area. If you don’t want to go to the expense of outfitting it, display a large digital print of the space virtually staged. Be sure the area is completely cleared to help buyers imagine the space as it could be used.

Turn the back entry into a mudroom

Do you have extra space near your back door? Then why not turn it into a mudroom of sorts? Every family needs a place that’s a catchall for coats, boots, backpacks and mail. Create a space for that with hooks, a bench and some cubbies for baskets.

Create a laundry room

If your washer and dryer are tucked away in a corner, a closet or the basement, invest time in making that space more inviting. After all, there’s no doubt that most families spend hours a week on laundry chores. First clean and de-clutter the space. Apply a fresh coat of paint to make the space light and bright. Install shelves around the washer and dryer for laundry supplies. Add some personality with stylish baskets and wall art. You want to create a dedicated space that is welcoming and that prospective buyers will actually want to spend time in.

Give the kitchen and bathroom a facelift

Kitchens and bathrooms are big selling points for buyers. They are also expensive to renovate. Consider giving these rooms extra attention with a cosmetic facelift that is much less expensive than a complete overhaul. Paint walls and cabinets with a fresh coat of neutral colored paint. Switch out hardware to something simple and contemporary. If countertops and floors are damaged or outdated, consider replacing with something clean and modern. Enhance the lighting by switching out fixtures. You can even update appliances with paint that is specifically formulated for them.

If you’re getting ready to sell and want to refresh your home without spending a fortune, consider one or all of the options above. Visiting new construction model homes will give you great ideas. That little bit of extra time and energy could pay off big in the end.

Susan Matthews is a Realtor serving the greater Charleston area with Coldwell Banker Carolinas. Contact her for more info on selling your home.

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