1 Stinky Reason Your Home Hasn’t Sold

Does your home pass the sniff test? According to a recent US survey, the number one reason both men and women check a home off their list is if it smells. Nose blind? Most of us are when it comes to our own homes. Pets, cooking, smoke and mold can all contribute to unpleasant odors.

Your agent may be afraid of offending you so enlist an honest friend to sniff and tell. Here are 7 easy ways to clear the air.

1. Have your house professionally deep cleaned, including walls and windows. (This should be done, even if your home smells fresh as a daisy!)

2. Clean the garbage disposal with baking soda and lemon rinds.

3. Remove all upholstered furniture (don’t forget pet beds), window treatments and carpets or have them professionally cleaned.

4. Have ducts professionally cleaned.

5. Clean under and behind all kitchen appliances.

6. Wash bedding weekly often and put out fresh towels for showings to create a fresh scent in those rooms.

7. Change litter boxes and empty all trashcans before each showing.

If your house is vacant, be sure to have your agent periodically open windows to air it out.

Going overboard on room sprays and candles could trigger allergic reactions in prospective buyers. It also sends up a warning flag. It’s better to eliminate odors than to cover them up. Nothing will smell sweeter than a quick sale!

Susan Matthews is a Realtor serving the greater Charleston area with Coldwell Banker Carolinas. Contact her for more info on selling your home.

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